Las Marías, the land of the southernmost tea plantations on earth, is one of the few regions with the ideal climaté and soil for its cultivation. Towards 1950, after a careful selection of tea seeds of the Assam variety, native of India, the first plants were born. The fascinating universe of tea inspired the people of Las Marías from the start; for them, as for every lover of this infusion, cultivating tea was tantamount to an art.  After years of work and research, Las Marías became the most important tea producer of Argentina and the birthplace of a tea of international prestige.



Yerba matés history and origin

It was the Spanish conquistadores that came to what is now Argentina searching for gold and silver that instead found Yerba Maté.

The indigenous people of the forest that lived in this part of South America, the Guaraní people, considered Yerba Maté (a native bush) a gift of the Gods whose leaves were used to make a beverage that was a valuable source of energy and nutrition. It was also used as an ingredient in their medicinal cures.

The way the Guaraní people drank the infusion was unique: the precious herb (yerba) was put into a hollowed-out gourd (maté), they poured hot or cold water on the leaves inside the gourd; a hollowed-out reed (bombilla) was inserted and the gourd was passed around so that each person could share the invigorating beverage.

Early on, Spanish and Portuguese colonists eagerly adopted this beverage and its use spread throughout the whole of South America.

Yerba Maté became the constant companion of people of all social backgrounds in towns and the countryside. Today, the same magical ritual is repeated by millions of South Americans on a daily basis. The word about yerba maté spreads, more and more people around the world are adopting maté as their daily beverage of choice for its health benefits, to lift your spirits, or simply to start your day.

Yerba maté
Las Marías, which in ancient times belonged to one of the huge Jesuitical estancias inhabited by the Guaranis, is a privileged area for the cultivation of
yerba maté, a place where its times, its care and its processing are respected as it is nowhere else done.  Today, the first 93 acres cultivated in 1924 have become almost ten thousand and Las Marías has become the only plant in the world to produce yerba maté in large scale and in an integrated fashion, thus managing to become an expert in each stage of the process, from the moment
the product is born until it has been packed.

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