Beyond other teas...

Yerba Maté contains a total of 196 active compounds including 24 Vitamins and Minerals, 15 Types of Amino Acids, Saponins (Immune Boosters) and 11 Polyphenols – more powerful antioxidants than green tea



Sweet Pear Maté


Honey Lemon Maté


Mixed Berry Maté

Brazilian Orange Maté





Our maté beverages are made with 100% La Merced Yerba Maté , a premium maté produced by Las Marias in Corrientes, Argentina.

We value their 75 years of experience and the good authentic quality of their maté . Las Marias is a family owned hacienda that has a reputation for advanced environmental care and exceptional social welfare.

Las Marias is the only producer in Argentina certified to meet the standards of the Forest Stewardship Council, the National Institute of Farming Technology, and IRAM for their distinction in good manufacturing practices.
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